Kotobukiya Mazinkaiser Non Scale Full Action Plastic Model Kit



Product Key Features

  • Body size: Height: about 230mm / overall width: about 360mm
    assembly, painting is required plastic model. Separately, necessary tools, paint and the like.
    (C) 2001 Go Nagai / Dynamic Planning and photon Energy Research Institute

    Sculptor Itoyama Yuta, even beyond the Masaomi Arai God, appeared dignified devil even defeat the ultimate Super Robot Mazinkaiser is in the plastic model! Huge wings "Kaiser scrambler Dah" is the full width 360mm! Such as a unique joint structure to balance the proportions and movable prototype teacher is stuck, please make sure to take in your hand by all means. Gimmick * Kaiser pile Zehnder is supplied with two kinds of time coalesced at the time, flight, united at the time of removal is also possible.

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