Funko Pop! Star Wars - Concept Series Darth Vader #426



This is part of Funko’s 2020 Galactic Convention Pop vinyl release. Darth Vader, possibly the most iconic villain to ever grace the movie screen, has returned to Funko in a new Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars concept design.

Like no other artist, McQuarrie, has influenced Star Wars. He worked hand in hand with George Lucas, creating the visual aesthetics of the saga and its unique look. McQuarrie not only designed Darth Vader, C-3PO, and R2-D2 but also produced hundreds of Star Wars artworks, including concept art, costume designs, storyboards, and matte paintings, as well as posters, book covers, and album art – even Lucasfilm’s annual Christmas cards.

Without a doubt, this Darth Vader Pop! is an absolute must for any true Star Wars fan who can’t get enough of the Sith Lord. And adding all the new Star Wars Concept Series Figures to your Funko collection is undoubtedly the next best thing!

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