Lisa Album - Lalisa (Lisa First Single Album)

Style: Black Ver.


Lisa First Single Album includes:

  • Package Box
  • CD
  • Photobook (88p)
  • Lyrics Paper (1ea)
  • Random Photocard (1 of 4)
  • Random Polaroid (1 of 4)
  • Double-Sided Poster (1ea / First Press Only)
  • Random Rare Gold Photocard (1 of 4 / First Press Only)
  • Rare Golden Ticket (1ea / Only 50ea) *Not necessarily included*

What is the first release limited edition Rare Golden Ticket?

The first release limited edition Rare Golden Ticket is a special ticket that is randomly inserted into a limited quantity (50) of the first release limited edition album. Those who receive an album containing a golden ticket will also receive special benefits. Information on such benefits will be announced later.

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